Welcome to Piano Magazine

We are very excited to create this meeting point for pianists and piano lovers where we will feature all sorts of content related to our instrument.
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Piano Magazine

Here in Piano Magazine, we will feature some of the most prominent artists of our time through our “Artist of the Month” structure, where we will showcase some of their different thoughts, projects, and interests. (This month we have Nelson Goerner.) We will also be giving a voice to emerging artists with an especially interesting profile and, of course, to those legends of the past who may not constantly be in the spotlight nowadays.

Additionally, we will hear stories and thoughts from different professionals such as teachers, collaborative pianists, experts, and relevant people in the industry and talk about current projects, including releases, competitions, festivals, and others. Educational tools, tips about technique and practice, as well as insights from musicologists are tools for inspiration for all of us. We will also be looking forward to receiving your posts on the Piano Magazine blog!

We hope you feel welcome and at home in what we hope is a warm community for people who share a common passion for the piano, and that it fuels your curiosity and inspires you every time you join us.

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Piano Magazine