Fanny Azzuro

Fanny Azzuro: “The Préludes Are Full of Miniatures in Which One Must Infuse a Lot of Emotions”

After graduating from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, in piano and chamber music, Fanny Azzuro won many international competitions in France and the USA (Cincinnati and Washington). Officially a Yamaha Artist, she is also supported by Spedidam, the Mécénat Musical Société Générale, the Safran Foundation for Music and the Adami.
adam wakeman piano

Adam Wakeman: “During This Period of Reflection, When the World Seemed to Pause, It Gave Me Time to Rekindle My Relationship With the Piano and the Classical Style I Started Out Playing on Those Early Albums With My Father”

The pandemic had a hand in Adam Wakeman's return to modern classical piano after 25 years. As a highly sought-after touring pianist, Adam played extensively with Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis, and others. He records and performs with his progressive rock band Headspace and his acoustic duo Wilson & Wakeman. Last year, he even ventured into the jazz world with his critically acclaimed documentary/album project Jazz Sabbath.
Sara Davis Buechner piano

Sara Davis Buechner: “Music Is a Path to a Higher Reality, to a Very, Very Beautiful Place. My Whole Life I’ve Wanted to Be In That Place and I’ve Wanted to Take People There With Me”

Sara Davis Buechner is not only an outstanding pianist and superlative teacher but is also a voice of her generation with regard to transgender issues and rights. We sit down with Ms. Buechner for a lively discussion of her fascinating life, education, career, and experiences as a transgender woman in the world of classical music.
alicia larrocha

Alicia Torra de Larrocha: “My Father Was My Mother’s Greatest Admirer and Supported Her to Become a Concert Pianist”

We have had a delightful conversation at Piano Magazine with Alicia Torra, daughter of the famous pianist Alicia de Larrocha. The following interview features discussions about Alicia Torra’s mother — her professional life, the family balance for a female concert pianist in the ‘60s, anecdotes, and many other exciting topics.
Mari Kodama piano

Mari Kodama: “Even Seemingly Unbalanced Art Is Balanced Perfectly to Move Us. And Such Can Be Said for Performers. Pianists Should Aim to Have a Perfectly Balanced Triangle of the Mind, Heart, and Hands”

Mari Kodama is an international pianist and is highly regarded as a Beethoven interpreter. She is a Steinway Artist and serves as a music festival director for several national and international festivals. In this interview, Mari Kodama discusses her beginnings in Europe, her mentors and teaching philosophy, her unique repertoire choices, her passion for Beethoven, and several exciting projects on the horizon.
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