György Sebők

We are proud to announce Piano Magazine's Featured Artist for the month of April 2022: Maestro György Sebők.


Noelia Rodiles: The Butterfly Effect

Noelia Rodiles is known for her versatility and musicality as a pianist. In this interview, she shares intimate details about her album, “The Butterfly Effect,” as well as her work with rediscovering forgotten pieces.

Rosendal Festival 2021

In Piano Magazine we chatted with Leif Ove Andsnes about the Rosendal Chamber Music Festival, which he leads and which is held in a privileged natural location in Norway.



The Magic of Wrist Circles

Wrist Circles

Wrist Circles is one of the important piano-playing techniques. It enhances legato, phrasing (also in non-legato and staccato), scales, arpeggios, broken/rolled chords, evenness, small and big leaps, double octaves, chordal work, and more. All that, while keeping your hands free of any stress and injury — it's just magic. Why ...

Artist of the Month


Nelson Goerner Video Interview

Video Interview With Nelson Goerner

Don't miss this video interview with Nelson Goerner recorded exclusively for Piano Magazine at his home in Geneva (Switzerland).

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