Mari Kodama: “Even Seemingly Unbalanced Art Is Balanced Perfectly to Move Us. And Such Can Be Said for Performers. Pianists Should Aim to Have a Perfectly Balanced Triangle of the Mind, Heart, and Hands”

Mari Kodama is an international pianist and is highly regarded as a Beethoven interpreter. She is a Steinway Artist and serves as a music festival director for several national and international festivals. In this interview, Mari Kodama discusses her beginnings in Europe, her mentors and teaching philosophy, her unique repertoire ...

Nelson Goerner

Le Temps describes our First Artist of the Month, Nelson Goerner, as "No less than one of the greatest performers of today." We are honoured to publish an exclusive video interview, and later in the month, we look forward to extending this portrait of him with even more exciting content.


Five Things I’ve Learned in 2020

Claudio Constantini

Piano Magazine is grateful to pianist Claudio Constantini for accepting the invitation to publish the first post on our blog. Over the last year, I, with astonishment and disbelief observed how the world changed right in front of me. In the blink of an eye, we had plunged into a ...

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Artist of the Month


Nelson Goerner Video Interview

Video Interview With Nelson Goerner

Don't miss this video interview with Nelson Goerner recorded exclusively for Piano Magazine at his home in Geneva (Switzerland).

Music Industry

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